History of Terror Theater

Prairie Cinema Theatre

The Beloit "Prairie Cinema" opened in the early 1980's with only three screens. By 1990, however, it had grown into a booming business with five screens and was well on its way to becoming the premier movie theater in the area. In 1994, 

everything changed when a string of unusual disappearances rocked the surrounding area. In 1997, after rumors of an undefined connection with the cinema, it was finaly shut down, gutted of seating and projection equipment, and left abandoned. 


The Haunt at The Bat Cave
In 2009 after being abandoned for nearly a decade, the
building was acquired and converted into a multi-use indoor baseball/softball facility and sporting goods store adequately named "The Bat Cave". For the first few years, everything worked out spectacularly until, like before, unusual occurrences started to be linked to the facility. Rather than pack up and shut down, the owners decided to take advantage of the situation and in 2013 opened the "Terror Theatre". Regardless of the rumored supernatural occurences or the speculated serial killers hidden within the building, the Terror Theatre continues to prove itself to be a haunted attraction loved by families and gore enthusiasts alike!